Android TV: Nexus Player Now Unavailable From All Major Retailers


Over the last few months we have been paying particularly closer attention to the availability of the Nexus Player. Although this is a product which has not been officially discontinued yet, the indications have been clear that in spite of this being the current and only Google associated Android TV device, the Nexus Player was slowly disappearing from availability.

Back in December, it became clear just how few stores were still carrying the Nexus Player with Best Buy being the only one of the big retailers stocking the item with Target, Staples, Walmart, Newegg, the ASUS store and the Google Store, all no longer showing stock. Since December, this has largely remained unchanged with none of the stores listing new stock besides some open box units which have become available through Newegg. Best Buy on the other hand did continue to have stock although the price of the stock was fluctuating massively which further indicated that stock levels were driving the price change. A couple of weeks ago however, we began to notice that the in-store availability of the Nexus Player had started to become limited with a number of stores listing no stock across the country. This was followed last week by further confirmation of the depletion of stock, with Best Buy entering a 'shipping only' status online and the option to ship to a store being completely removed.


One week later and that has now changed again. Now according to Best Buy, the Nexus Player has reached the end. Best Buy is now showing a "this item is no longer available" status for the Nexus Player. With Best Buy being the last of the major retailer carrying stock and now listing the Nexus Player as no longer available, there is now nowhere that you can buy the Nexus Player from a major retailer as a new product. In spite of Google still not officially announcing its discontinuation, the Nexus Player does seem to be effectively discontinued now. With months passing without any of the big retailers seeing new stock arrive and with Best Buy slowly selling off the last of their stock, the end for the Nexus Player does seem to have now arrived. Those interested will still be able to pick up open box items from Newegg and some availability through third-party sellers on eBay, but that is about it. The gallery below highlights the current status of all the big stores and confirming that as a standard 'on the shelf' product, the Nexus Player has unofficially now bowed out.

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