Android N Includes Option To Set Notification Importance Level


Android N is now finally here in its first developer preview form and already there has been wide coverage on all the changes and new features which look set to be included in the next version of Android when it gets its final release sometime in the summer. However, details on what is new are constantly coming through. The latest of which is further details on the already widely covered use of notifications on Android N.

It has already been covered that Android N now includes simpler access to notifications as well as notification bundling. However, it also seems that you can now adjust the importance of those notifications. Instead of simply, denoting whether they are important or not, this feature allows users to set a level of importance for those apps which are important enough, but not necessarily the most important. To access the feature you have to head to the System UI (holding down the cog icon in settings to activate) and then within the System UI settings, there is a tab labelled "Other". Once clicked and opened, the settings list an option entitled "Show full importance settings". Once this is toggled on, heading to any app under "Notifications" will display the new importance settings.


The bulk of the importance settiings for notifications is that you can adjust the level of importance over five tiers. The first tier, bottom-level, is essentially the "Blocked" level and will make sure the app never shows any notifications at all. The second tier is labelled as "Low" and will allow notations to be silently shown at the bottom of the notification list. The third tier is the "Normal" level and will ensure notifications are shown, but silently, The fourth tier attributes a "High" importance and will make sure notifications are both audible and positioned at the top of the notification list, while the fifth tier will ensure notifications for the selected app are deemed as "Urgent", resulting in peak viewing of notifications as well as an audible notification. You can see examples of the way in which the importance settings look within the settings in the image below.

Android N Notifications Importance Screenshot

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