Android N gets Suggestions in System Settings

Android N Screenshots AH 155136 1

In the Android N Developer Preview, the settings app has been completely redesigned. At least on the front-end. There are a few new changes, one of which being that there is now a slide-out drawer on the left-side. Another is the suggestions section at the top of the settings app. This feature is here simply to help you get the most out of your smartphone running on Android N. Many users don’t even know about a number of the features included on their smartphone, many of which are configurable within the Settings app. So Google is here to help you out. When you first set up your device, you may see an option to turn on Google Now. If you opted in, during the set up process, then you might see an option to change the wallpaper. Just tap the suggestion and you’ll be taken to that option. You can also press the overflow button on the right and remove it from suggestions. It’s worth noting that this will remove suggestions altogether.

The limited time we’ve had with Android N, it appears that these suggestions are actually pretty smart. With the suggestions not suggesting you to modify options that you have already modified, like the brightness or sounds. It’s a neat feature, and one that you can get rid of pretty easily. You can also hide the suggestions by tapping the down arrow on the right side of the heading.


Lots of great additions added to Android N so far in the developer preview. We’re just scratching the surface here really. It’s also worth noting that features you may see in the first developer preview may not make it to the final release in the summer. This is quite common, especially with the Android L and Android M developer previews in the past two years. For example, we saw multi-window in last year’s developer preview, but it disappeared in the final release, simply because it wasn’t ready. As unfortunate as that was, we now have it in Android N and it’s a headlining feature. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that Samsung’s implementation has, but it works pretty good.

Android N is set to have monthly developer previews, with the final release coming around August/September time.