Android N Final Release Will Be Available "This Summer"

Android N Dev Preview Main

Google let Android N out of the bag earlier today, when a short time ago they announced that the developer preview of Android N is now available to download. Of course, to download you will need to be sporting a Nexus device (or the Pixel C). For those who do not own one of these devices, then it is worth pointing out that this is only the first developer preview and is not exactly a version which is designed for everyday usage. The Android team will release follow up developer previews over the coming months with various improvements all before the final release of Android N does eventually come through.

Speaking of which, for those who will be waiting on the final release of Android N, it looks like you might not have to wait as long this year. Typical speaking, Google releases the first developer preview around the time of their developer conference, Google I/O. However, this year they opted for an early release starting today. One of the reasons given for this is that they want to be able to take developer feedback on board much earlier than usual. However, it seems one of the added benefits of this earlier roll out is that everyone will not have to wait as long for the final release.


During Google’s main announcement, Google made it clear today that the final release of Android N will be available sometime during the summer. Noting that by releasing a “work in progress” version of Android N, the general public will be able to “get their hands on the latest version of Android earlier than ever“. While “this summer” is still a little bit vague in terms of an exact date which N can be expected, it is still much earlier than what would have been the case before, with the final release normally becoming available later in the Fall when the company holds its annual Nexus event. Of course, by the time the summer does come round and Android N is fully released, it will become much clearer what this version of Android is actually called.