Android N App Info Screen Can Contain App Settings Button

Android N is currently in the developer preview stage, having been announced not too long ago, and in just a couple of short months it should be heading out to the public as a final build according to Google. There are so far, no major changes to look out for, but there are some pretty good features being added into the software that will certainly have Android enthusiasts wishing they were on Android N immediately, like the highly anticipated multi-window feature that people have been asking for. Alongside all of the front-facing changes that can be seen within the new version of the OS, there are also a number of under the hood changes and smaller, more minor tweaks that may be subtle but still serve a useful and functional purpose.

One of those new tweaks is the ability for developers to add in a button that leads to the settings for their application from within the app info screen. If you end up navigating to settings on your device, then to apps, and scroll the through the apps list, you can tap on any app to enter the app info screen. This is where users will sometimes see a new little "gear" button that will let them enter into the app settings screen for that app. Google is making this an optional thing it appears, so this capability won't necessarily be there for every single app that's installed on a user's device, but with developers having the option to do so and since it's kind of convenient, there's a good chance many developers will choose to include it.

Google makes this an easy feature for developers to add as all they have to do is toss in a small piece of code, which is another reason it may be likely that it will pop up for plenty of apps, at the very least the most popular ones, because developers won't have to put in much work. Since this is an option within the Android N preview, there's no telling whether or not Google will choose to keep this function alive when the final build of the software goes out to users.

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