Amazon Recalling Select Power Adapters In The UK & Ireland

March 2, 2016 - Written By Daniel Fuller

With the whirlwind of electronics around us each day, the risk of electric shock isn’t something everybody wants to talk about, but in some small form, it’s always there. Normally, a dose of common sense will bring that risk down significantly. Sometimes, however, a product is recalled due to safety concerns. Whether it’s poorly designed, made with faulty parts or just part of an unlucky batch, it’s surprisingly easy to get your hands on a product that may put your safety at risk or, at the very least, up and quit working. One such product is the power adapter for the Fire 7 and Fire 7 Kids Edition in the UK and Ireland

The power adapters being recalled can be identified by a sticker on the side that plugs into the wall. As you can see in the photo at the bottom, the identifier for the faulty models is the model number. If yours bears the characters FABK7B, you’re affected by the recall and should stop using these adapters immediately. The adapters may seem to function normally at a glance, and usually will not have any problems, but the issue is that they can come apart when being pulled from the wall, presenting a serious risk of electric shock from electricity arcing or components coming loose. As well as the possibility of injury, the charger coming apart while connected to your Amazon device may harm the device. With those dangers present, it’s likely best practice to stop using the affected adapters immediately.

Owners of the affected models can request a refund to their Amazon account to buy a third party replacement, or simply ask for an exchange. Amazon will send you a prepaid envelope in any case, which you can use to send the faulty power adapter back to them. Should you choose to receive an exchange, you’ll be sent an equivalent Amazon-branded adapter, but it will bear a different model number and will not be affected by the issue that is forcing the recall. Owners of affected units should head through the source link and follow the instructions on how to participate in the recall effort.