Amazon Expands Dash Buttons to 100 More Brands

amazon dash

Last year, Amazon announced the Dash buttons as actually an April Fools Joke. You can press the button on this small product and have it automatically order the item for you from Amazon. So if you’ve run out of toilet paper, press the button and more will be on the way. It’s pretty cool, but definitely screams “first world problem”. Amazon has had Dash available for a few products already, and today they expanded it to about 100 more brands.

Those brands that are included in Amazon Dash are Ageless La Cure, Air Wick, Airborne, Angel Soft, Blue Sky, Brawny, Brita, Garnier, Hansen’s Soda, Honest Kids, Honest Tea, Litter Genie, Lysol, MegaRed, Orville Redenbacher, Red Bull, Rid-X Septic Treatment, Schick Men’s Razors and many more. There are over a hundred brands that are supported now. So more than likely, the brand you want or need is available now.

The Dash buttons are actually priced at $4.99, however Amazon will give you a $4.99 credit the first time you press the button. So it’s like a mail-in rebate, but it comes much faster. This means that these Dash buttons are actually free. Pretty amazing to see an April Fools Day product actually morph into a real product that is working for Amazon. Dash is only available for Amazon Prime Members, and of course you’ll need to have a payment option set up. But after that, it’s pretty simple.


Amazon is all about making our lives easier, and have done so with the Amazon Echo, Alexa and now Dash. However Dash plays an even bigger role than just making our lives easier. It brings more sales for Amazon. Which is ultimately their goal. Even though they are already the largest e-commerce company around, the are always looking for ways to grow even more. Every piece of hardware that they make and sell is targeted at doing just that. Take a look at the Kindle Fire or Fire tablets as they are known as now, they are essentially a window into Amazon’s store. For apps, books, and everything else. That is exactly what Dash is, a way to get users to buy more things and more often. But it works really well from a consumer standpoint.

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