'Adventure Cube' Is Easy To Play, But Hard To Master

Most people are not gamers, they don't exactly play games regularly, but rather enjoy playing some casual gaming titles from time to time. Luckily, there are tons of casual games available in the Google Play Store, and what better way to enjoy casual games than on your smartphone, a device you have on you at all times basically. We've talked about a ton of simple to play, hard to master games up to this point, and yet another one launched not so long ago, even though it is not brand new, read on.

The 'Adventure Cube' is yet another game released by Ketchapp, a mobile game developing studio responsible for a ton of games you've probably heard of, titles like Stack, ZigZag, Stick Hero, Jelly Jump, The Walking Pet, etc. Ketchapp has plenty of games available in the Google Play Store as we speak, and the 'Adventure Cube' is yet another time waster released by the developer. This game is quite simple, but can get under your skin in no time. The controls are quite simple, you have to directions you can move the cube, if you tap on the left side of the display, you'll move left, if you tap on the right, you'll move right (you can also press down and hold on either side of the display to get the cube moving). Your goal is to avoid various obstacles on your way, and do that as fast as you can because the level is collapsing, and you're losing ground below your feet. The game will keep track of your score, which you can then brag about to your friends in person, or through Google Play Games' rating system.

The 'Adventure Cube' is completely free to play, though there are in-app purchases included here. If you're serious about playing this frequently, then you might want to consider buying the version with no ads, because Ketchapp is well known for throwing quite a few advertisements in their titles, including full-screen ones. The official gameplay video is included down below, as are official images from the Google Play Store, in case you're interested. Follow the Google Play banner if you'd like to try out this game for yourself, it will take you directly to the Google Play Store.

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