A.I. May Steal Spotlight & Become Next Tech Revolution


Artificial intelligence is coming into the mainstream and there is no stopping it. Most anybody in the tech sphere will tell you that. The reason for that, of course, is the efficiency and new possibilities that this new field of technology offers. As the concept of cloud computing makes its way into the mainstream with networks finally building out to be able to accommodate it, artificial intelligence is being developed and used alongside it to streamline cloud processes such as maintenance, sorting and indexing algorithms. With all of the new development going on in the field of artificial intelligence, things like DeepMind's AlphaGo are moving from the realm of science fiction into reality.

As mobile tech is beginning to plateau in use cases and power, new trends like virtual reality are taking center stage in the tech world. The elite of Silicon Valley, as well as industry analysts, are looking to the future of tech and are largely agreeing that artificial intelligence might just be the next new wave to take the industry by storm. Particularly, machine learning, neural networks and cloud A.I. are moving into the spotlight. Machine learning and neural networks are allowing breakthroughs of previously unseen nature, while developments in cloud A.I. are allowing A.I. operations of massive proportions, as well as lowering the barrier of entry for individual researchers and startups looking to bring new and innovative ideas to the A.I. field.


One such cloud startup, called Mesosphere, has attracted the attention of the movers and shakers of this new industry movement in a big way. With big-name investors like HP on board, Mesosphere managed to raise $73.5 million in initial capital. Meanwhile, Amazon has announced their own machine learning operations and Microsoft is planning a conference focused on machine learning and neural networks. Data analysis and scalable operations seem to be the main market application at the moment, but innovative and forward-thinking research is far from absent, with multiple startups and even Alphabet in on the movement. The industry is still in love with personal devices, Internet of Things and the cloud for the moment, but as A.I. enhances these things and is used in new ways, it could very well steal the spotlight.

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