YouTube Team Created To Better Deal With Copyright Issues


YouTube is one of those services which can be extremely beneficial to a number of its users. While the sheer majority of videos uploaded are from the general public, there is also quite the number of videos which make their way online from more professional YouTube users, those who are typically better known as YouTubers. For them, YouTube can be and is a monetary avenue and for the select few, can be an extremely profitably one. As such, if a video is taken down or removed by YouTube, it can sometimes be a costly one.

The matter of striking this balance properly and ensuring that only YouTube videos which do breach copyrights (or any other YouTube infringements) are taken down, is one which needs to be keenly watched over. However, the issue for YouTube is the sheer volume of videos which are uploaded to the service. In fact, this is probably why YouTube makes use of an automated system to deal with copyright infringement claims. The downside of such a system though, is when videos are wrongfully removed, again, especially for those videos which have the power to generate serious levels of revenue. To try and ease this balancing of videos that do need to be removed with those which are mistakenly flagged, YouTube is creating a dedicated human team to deal with such claims. The scope and scale of the team currently remains unknown, although it is one which is being put together to try and limit the number of mistakes made.


The news of the new team came by a post which was sent out through Google's support forum a couple of days ago and then tweeted today by YouTube's very own CEO, Susan Wojcicki. The post is limited in the information is does provide, although is does offer confirmation of the team and while they state that the general number of mistakes they make is low, they still do recognize they make some. The post does also further go on to specifically note that the feedback they have received on this topic will lead to further changes in the future, although details on these changes were not provided. Those interested in reading the post in full, can do so by heading through the source link below.

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