YouTube Notifications Now Include Video Recommendations


Google does like the idea of its ecosystem and suite of apps and services being ones which are far more interactive with each other. This is why we have seen a number of updates rolling out which add an easier way for Android to interact with the various Google products. A prime example of this is the shortcut which has now been added to stock camera apps which quickly lets you gain quick access to Google Photos. Likewise, the other feature which has been widely reported on where Android owners will be able to install an app directly from Google's Search results. There are multiple others examples too, all designed to make accessing a Google-related product quicker and easier.

The latest of which seems to be YouTube. For those who make use of the YouTube app on Android, they will likely start seeing a greater number of YouTube notifications appearing on their devices. If you subscribe to any YouTube channels (and providing you do not have notifications disabled), you will know that YouTube often pushes a notification to your device informing of any new videos that have been uploaded by the person/channel you subscribe to. The newest feature is one where YouTube will start recommending content to you via notifications, content that you do not already subscribe to.


While this might seem like ads for videos, the good news is that the recommendations are based on your prior watching history and therefore, will hopefully be content that you might actually be interested in watching. Not to mention, the whole notification service is optional. Once the app is updated on your device with the feature you will be advised of the enabling of notifications and will be promoted with the option to disable the feature if you would rather not receive any notifications at all. Likewise, you can always at any time head into the settings via your Android YouTube app and deactivate notifications for all notifications or just for the recommended videos aspect. Those interested in finding out more about the feature or YouTube notifications in general, can read the formation available from Google support by heading through the source link below.

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