WhatsApp Reaches One Billion User Milestone

Whatsapp AH 02994

If you were wondering exactly how many people were here on earth, the number is 7.123 Billion. Out of that large number of humans, there is one billion that use WhatsApp. If you want to break it down even more, that’s about one in seven people that use this app daily to contact friends and family. Today on their blog, WhatsApp proudly announced their one billion milestone that they have reached. The company is extremely excited about these numbers and are quite humbled by the fact that one billion people in the world take time out of their day to message people. Nowadays it’s common for people to constantly be on their phone messaging away with their friends.

Founded just seven years ago, WhatsApp has revolutionized the way we message one another. From their humbled beginnings to now, WhatsApp has had only one goal, and that’s to offer a secure and simple way for anyone to stay in touch with their family and friends from all over the world without the hassle of fees and those annoying gimmicks that other messaging services like to throw at users. So whether is from sharing information during natural disasters or seeking a better life, WhatsApp is proud to have been there for those critical moments. With aspirations of growing that one billion, it would be no surprise if we see WhatsApp grow with new features and possibly new ways to communicate.


As most of the tech industry knows, back in 2014 Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 Billion. Moving into 2015 WhatsApp gained up to 700 Million monthly users. Since then, WhatsApp has added voice calling so people can have another way of contacting friends. After adding voice calls, WhatsApp also decided to create a web client that mirrors the app from your phone. The team at WhatsApp continues to improve the apps speed and reliability while making sure it’s still simple and secure. With WhatsApp’s newly reached milestone, they still got another 6 billion people in the world to adopt their way of messaging. As the company said themselves, they have a long way left to go, but one billion is a pretty huge achievement.