Watch All Of The Super Bowl Ads On YouTube's AdBlitz

YouTube AdBlitz Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl 50 is now over, so there’s no more mystery about who won the game. But watching the game was not only for sports fans, maybe you watched it for the performances of Lady Gaga singing the National Anthem or the halftime show by Coldplay, Beyonc© and Bruno Mars. Let’s not forget those who watch the Super Bowl just because of the commercials that air during the event, each of them cost $5 million for 30 seconds of air time, so companies make their best so that they’re worth every penny. Most of the ads rely on some wow factors, from humorous celebrity cameos to great cinematography and high production values.

YouTube created the AdBlitz program nine years from now so users could watch some teasers before the game and the ads themselves as they got released during the game. There are Super Bowl commercials from past years, as well. This helps brands to reach more people as they can be watched anytime and users get to share their favorite ads. The program has made companies that release their commercials in YouTube to gain up to 2.2 times more viewership, so this year, there are 25% more ads than last year. YouTube published some stats before the Super Bowl was even finished, 300,000 hours were spent watching these ads during the game, which makes for over 4 million hours of playback for these videos. The commercials were watched over 330 million times and 60% were watched on mobile devices. People will certainly keep watching these videos in the coming weeks as up to 40% of total watch time has happened during this timeframe for past years.

The most popular ads based on the number of views include some from brands like Doritos, Snickers, AXE, Hyundai, Mountain Dew, MINI and one from Pok©mon. Users can vote for their favorite ads until February 10 at midnight ET, so the list could change in this couple of days. Some of the most searched terms during the Super Bowl included Beyonc© performing “Formation”, Lady Gaga performing The National Anthem, Jonathan Stewart scores touchdown, Brandon McManus scores field goal and C.J. Anderson scores touchdown.