Wallapop Lets You Buy & Sell Used Goods To Nearby Potential Buyers


We live in a consumerist state of society, and sometimes this means that some of us end up owning stuff we may not use for long, whether it's for a week or six months. Whatever the case, when you're done using that old hat or no longer have interest in riding that slightly used but still brand-new looking bike, you'll need a place to sell it and get it in front of potential buyers. Sure you could look into the age-old options like eBay or Craigslist, but those options aren't always ideal. A newer application called Wallapop is essentially a place to buy and sell used goods that you no longer have a need for, and it's all done easily from the palm of your hand.

With Wallapop installed, you can either search for things to buy or you can create your own listings of things to sell, and just like that you've started to Wallapop. Think of the app like a garage sale or flea market in app form, or simply think of it as an alternative to bigger options like those listed above. Selling stuff is free which is likely to be a big point of interest for many, and if you're buying, the app is extremely simple to use as it immediately pops up listings for stuff that are within 1 mile of your location, which means no searching or typing anything in.


Having said that, there is a search button you can access which allows you to put in different criteria based on what you're looking for, allowing you to narrow down your results from nearby sellers. If you're interested in buying something, you can tap the chat button on the bottom to start up a conversation with the seller and arrange the details of the sale, although no purchases can be made within the app itself. You can also favorite listings you want to come back to and you can share them through other social platforms or through SMS if you find something that you someone else will be interested in. As buying and selling happens locally within your area, you and the seller/or buyer can arrange a meet and the terms of the sale. As a buyer you can also list the price at which you're selling something for but also denote that you're willing to accept trades, alleviating any need for buyers to ask. If you're interested in giving Wallapop a try, you can pick it up from the Play Store.


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