Video: Need For Speed Developers Discuss NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1


Back in November, NVIDIA launched a refreshed version of the SHIELD Tablet, in the form of the SHIELD Tablet K1. This saw the tablet adopting much of the same specs and design, but resulting in the price becoming much more affordable. At the same time, Need for Speed No limits was also seeing an update arrive. One which not only coincided with the release of the SHIELD Tablet K1, but which would also allow the game to be played at its maximum settings, largely due to the processing capabilities of the Tablet K1. Making the Tablet K1 the ideal platform to play Need for Speed No limits.

More recently, NVIDIA sat down with the developers behind the latest Need for Speed game, EA's Firemonkeys, to find out more about how the game is put together. During the dev diary the developers do explain that the goal with Need for Speed No Limits is to bring to mobile, a game which offers as close to a console experience as possible. This is achieved by offering a much greater level of detail and overall experience, from the soundtrack, to the choice of cars, the storyline and the constant evolution of the game.


During the video, the developers also highlight the SHIELD Tablet K1 and explain that Need for Speed No Limits is a game which is better experienced on tablets in general. Further noting, the SHIELD Tablet K1 allows gamers to experience the game "as we intended", adding that the Tablet K1 offers the most realistic experience possible. When developing to improve the settings for a better Tablet K1 experience, they were able to include improvements to the physical-based shading, high dynamic rendering and the new particle system. After which, the hardware on the Tablet K1 still allowed the developers to further improve the experience even more. The developers also make a note of NVIDIA as well, noting that they are a company which clearly wants to make Android a powerful platform for gamers. An ethos which works well with their own goals and ambitions with Need for Speed No Limits. Those interested can check out the video in full below.

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