Video: MOTA JETJAT Nano Drone Review


Drones are all the rage nowadays.  After all, who wouldn’t want a little flying quadcopter to control and do your every bidding?  While it may not be anywhere near as advanced as the drones we’ve seen from Google or Amazon that will deliver packages you’ve ordered within a few hours of ordering them online, it’s still a pretty awesome little device.  But make no mistake, the MOTA JETJAT Nano drone is no advanced connected device, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a sophisticated toy as we outlined in our written review.

Take a look at the MOTA JETJAT Nano drone in action in our video review below and let us know what you think!  It takes a little getting used to before you’ll be an expert at navigating this one around obstacles and through your living quarters, but once you do it’s incredibly fun.  Not just this but it’s quite cheap too, at just over $30 for the unit you can choose between two color schemes at the Amazon link below.  While this isn’t going to connect to your smartphone or offer a new way to film your latest extreme sports run, it’s definitely worth a look if you enjoy remote control vehicles of any kind.  Buy it on Amazon here and check out the video below!