Verizon's Xperia Z3v & Z2 Tablet Receiving Android 5.1.1

Sony Xperia Z3V AH 28

While most users are expecting news about when their devices will get updated to the most recent version of Android called Marshmallow, particularly those with a Sony Xperia device, there are some devices that aren’t even running the previous version which is called Lollipop. Let’s remember that the update process is quite complicated, and some of the last devices to receive the update might be those sold by carriers. Now, Verizon will start rolling out Android 5.1.1 Lollipop to their carrier-branded Xperia Z3v and Xperia Z2 Tablet.

The new software for the Xperia Z3v carries the number version 23.4.B.0.319 and in addition to all the changes brought by Android 5.1.1, it includes support for HD Voice which provides high call quality audio, video calling and simultaneous use of voice and data, the update also includes some of the latest Android security patches. To get users started, there’s a redesigned Setup Wizard and there’s a new Xperia Transfer tool, allowing them to transfer data from other devices. Also included in this update are new Themes optimized for Lollipop. The UI includes new elements such as Floating Action Buttons, an updated Quick Settings menu and improved Volume Controls, in addition to new animations and interactions. Sony’s What’s New app will now integrate the functionality of the Update Center and Sony Select, and other Sony apps have also been updated, Walkman was renamed to Music and Movies is now known as Video. The lock screen includes new intelligent notification cards and additional shortcuts. Verizon Messages has been updated as well as the Visual Voice Mail to improve its performance.


The Xperia Z2 Tablet will start receiving software version 23.4.B.0.319 soon, although it is quite strange that the tablet is receiving the exact same version as the Z3v smartphone, so it might be a typo. The changelog mentions all of the aforementioned improvements except for the support of HD Voice and the updated Verizon apps. In fact, it is the exact same changelog for the previous Android 5.0.2 version, so it seems quite strange. Users from either of these devices will probably receive a notification to start the updating process in a near future.