Upcoming BLU Devices To House Truecaller Smart Dialer App

Truecaller AH

Truecaller, which can be considered as a next generation dialer, will soon make its way to Blu smartphones this year. For those of you that do not know, Truecaller is a smart dialer that you can download from the Google Play Store and use it to make phone calls. Unlike other Dialers in the market, Truecaller offers a more innovative approach when making and receiving phone calls. The standout feature that makes Truecaller such a hit are its ability to detect fraudulent telemarketers, their caller ID that allows you to see who is calling even if you do not have their number, and search for any number in the world and see who it belongs to. In addition, Truecaller can check to see if a user is available to receive calls or even a text, which can really be a handy feature.

The company behind Truecaller believes that they are paving the way for a core utility app such as the dialer to experience the same innovation as other core apps have. As they seek to place their passionate views about Truecaller, they company will team up with BLU Products to brings their dialer to over 15 million BLU devices this year. Through this partnership, users who plan on purchasing a BLU device will have Truecaller as their default dialer and will get to enjoy all of the features that practically revolutionizes the way we send and receive calls. 


While Truecaller is rethinking the calling experience and generally creating a better dialer, they have been partnering with OEMs to ensure its success. Just last year Truecaller announced that they have partners with India’s Intex to replace their stock dialer with Truecaller. If Truecaller can continue making partnerships with OEMs, the company can easily grow their 200 million users that make phone calls worldwide on Truecaller. The dialer on a smartphone is the essential item that signifies that the little handheld in your device is a cell phone. Truecaller believes that enabling your dialer with enhancements like spam blocking, brings it to the same level as the rest of the core apps on smartphones.