Twilight Adds Android TV & Wear Support

There is little doubting that the average device owner spends more time looking at their mobile screen than ever before. This is almost a given and with mobile device technology branching into new areas of our lives like our watches and even clothing, the amount of time spent staring at a screen (of one sort of another) is greatly increasing. This line of thinking has led to apps like Twilight, which look to try and help device owners get a better night's sleep coming through. For those unfamiliar with the app, Twilight looks to try and damage limit the effects of exposure to such displays and especially for late night viewing.

If for instance, you have trouble getting to sleep, then there is some studies to suggest this could be the effect of spending too much time staring at a smartphone or tablet. In particular, it is the belief that certain shades of light are what is causing the inability to sleep, due to these colors essentially stimulating the brain and reducing its ability to prepare for sleep. Twilight looks to circumvent this by allowing users to have the color tones of their smartphones and tablets change to be more sleep-friendly. In short, one color during the day and more sleepier colors during the late hours. Well, the app has been available for some time for mobile devices, however, it now looks like it has been updated to support Android TV. If the link between sleep and color sensation is real, then this will be of benefit to many, as TVs are probably what many consumers are engaging with prior to sleep. So support being extended to Android TV does make sense. In terms of the actual app, this is rather simple to use app. By opening the app, the screen color temperature is adjusted to include a red tint which is presumably one of the colors deemed to be more appropriate to be sleep-inducing. The app also comes with the ability to have custom settings imposed, allowing you to decide the color temperature, intensity and so on.

It is also worth pointing out that the Play Store listing now states that support has also been extended to Android Wear devices too. This is the same app as the original smartphone app and so for those who want to test out the latest version on Android TV, Android Wear or their smartphone and tablet, can do so by heading through the link below.

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