Touchdown Hero: Super Sunday Is A Fun Endless Runner Game

Google's Play Store is filled with all sorts of apps, and a good chunk of the overall number of apps consists out of various gaming titles. The Play Store is filled with interesting titles, ranging from extremely simple games pretty much anyone may opt to play, all the way to various time consuming, and really complex titles that are not for everyone. We're here to take a look at a rather simple game, in case you're looking to kill some time now and then.

The game we're here to talk about is called 'Touchdown Hero: Super Sunday'. The Super Bowl is over, but the impressions are still quite fresh I believe. Well, this might be the perfect time to talk about this game, as it's an American football title. This is not a complex game, like Madden NFL for example, but a really simple title with extremely simple graphics, which is actually a part of its charm. In this game, you control an American football player, and your goal is to outmanoeuvre defenders. Now, the gameplay is, much like the graphics, really simple. All you have to do here is press and hold on your character and while he's running, you need to lead him away from the defenders which will try to tackle you. This is basically an endless runner in which your goal is to score as many touchdowns as humanly possible, without getting knocked down, of course. The music in the game is also reminiscent of some older titles with similar graphics.

You can also customize your player here, from head to toes, and Google Play Games integration is also included here. Keep in mind that there are in-app purchases available here, and you can watch video ads in order to keep playing, which is something we've seen in tons of games thus far. Now, the 'Touchdown Hero: Super Sunday' is actually a sequel to Touchdown Hero game which was released by the same developer. If you need more information, take a look at the official promo video and images down below, and in case you'd like to download this game, click on the Google Play banner you'll find below this article.

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