Three UK Trots Out "Internet With Legs" Free 200MB Plan


Three UK, one of the UK's top carriers and recently voted the top mobile broadband provider in a YouGov survey, is rolling out a new plan. Known for their pay as you go offerings that offer a little something for just about any kind of customer, Three's new plan ties into their existing pay as you go options. In order to activate the plan, a user must register on the plan's page and purchase a 1GB Data Reward SIM for £10. The plan entails 200MB of free data per month, no questions asked, once you've made that initial purchase. The plan also boasts Three's token 3-2-1 rate plan, allowing users to purchase additional data for 1p per megabyte, as well as talk time at 3p per minute and texts at 2p a pop.

On the new plan, customers can purchase top-ups for as little as £2, providing a good bit of flexibility for those who like to avoid purchasing more than they'll end up using. The new Internet With Legs plan bears a bit of a resemblance to FreedomPop's local offering, which delivers 200MB of free data and relies on extra purchases to make the company money. The data provided by the new plan can be used abroad in any of the locations supported by Three's Feel At Home perk, as well, which provides a bit of a leg up over most prepaid providers in the local market and puts them on level ground with FreedomPop.


The new Internet With Legs plan is painted as being all about freedom and not running into walls. Three's Director of Customer Strategy, Danny Dixon, said of the new plan and other recent changes, "We've refreshed our Mobile Broadband plans to give our customers more freedom to choose a plan that suits them, and reduce the barriers to connectivity. With this new plan people can stay connected on-the-go wherever they are, unrestricted by WiFi range, which will make life online more enjoyable and efficient." Three's new Internet With Legs plan is already available to those who are interested; simply head over to to sign up, or hit up the source link for the official press release.

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