Take A Look Inside The Massive Samsung 837 Flagship Store

837 1

If you are unfamiliar with Samsung 837, this is the new Samsung flagship store in New York and is due to open its doors today. However, unlike most other stores, it seems Samsung 837 will not actually be trying to sell you anything. That is, not directly at least. Although, the shop does allow you to buy coffee and of course, does accept Samsung Pay. Not to mention, Samsung 837 does also offer a repair center where you can get your devices fixed.

Samsung 837 is located within the Meatpacking district in New York and the property was picked up by Samsung back in 2014 and while it boasts a lavish 55,000 square-foot space, it seems this particular store is more about brand awareness and the ‘Samsung Experience’ then the visitors walking out with the latest and greatest Samsung purchases under their arms. According to a report from Mashable, who recently spent time at the new store ahead of its grand opening, the Samsung 837 store is anything but a store.


According to the report, the use of Samsung 837’s three floor building is one which is made to enhance the senses and provide a look into the world of Samsung. As you enter, phones are on display, as is a glass recording studio (which is said to be prepped for use for special events). Visitors are then greeted by what is said to be a wall of TV’s with no less than 96 Samsung 55-inch sets stitched together and assuming the centerpiece of the building. A centerpiece which is largely visible from all floors and will in due course, be showing Samsung’s own curated content.

It seems the rest of the store also follows along this ‘experience’ train of thought, with other areas of the store consisting of elements like a ‘Selfie Station’ where visitors will be able to use Samsung smartphones to take a selfie of themselves. Selfies, which will end up on the wall of TVs for all to see. Then there is also the a VR Tunnel on offer which looks to provide visitors with a more immersive experience and one which can be linked to your Instagram account and all your Instagram-related content visible as you walk through the tunnel. As you might expect with Samsung’s approach to VR, that is not the end of the virtual reality related experiences either, as there are also “VR experience chairs” which will give you the opportunity to experience VR content with the use of a Gear VR as well as Samsung’s Level headphones. You can check out how the new store looks in more detail by hitting play below.