T-Mobile Offering $48 Off New Phones For Students & Faculty

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T-Mobile seems to be offering a new deal, running a new promotion or otherwise, drawing attention to themselves in a new way every week. Mostly consisting of ideas from CEO John Legere, this tactic has worked pretty well for the past few years in regards to obtaining new customers and, in some cases, helping to give current customers more value and thus more reason to stick around. On February 16, the in-your-face carrier announced a new promotion aimed at those involved with the school system. Specifically, K-12 faculty, college faculty and college students can get $48 off most devices in T-Mobile’s stable with a new service on the device and with only a few caveats. The deal is online only, so you’ll have to wait for your phone to ship. Additionally, K-12 students are seemingly left out in the cold, but if you happen to be a high school student over 18 and living on your own, it may be worth giving your local T-Mobile store a call.

The deal is made possible through a partnership with retail verification firm SheerID, who is set to process applicants’ information and determine their eligibility. That said, a disclaimer warns that additional documentation may be required to prove your affiliation with an education establishment of some sort that can qualify you for the offer. A quick peek into SheerID’s FAQ, linked on T-Mobile’s page for the deal, reveals that they may not be able to verify your qualification without the right documents in some cases, which will result in you not being able to get the offer.


The promotion requires a new service on the applicable line and is for phones and tablets over $100. Certain high-end models, the website states, may be temporarily excluded for any reason. A date that the promotion may run through was not listed, meaning this could be another permanent new offer from T-Mobile. Until official word comes, however, there is no way to know for sure. Once you’ve been verified through SheerID, you’ll receive a one-time coupon that will knock $48 off of your online order. The announcement did not say whether multiple new devices with service in the same transaction would each receive a discount or not.