StrawCast Custom Topics Exits Beta & Enables Notifications

AH StrawCast 2

A little over two weeks ago a new section made it way to the Straw app called StrawCast Custom Topics (Beta). StrawCast serves as a home for you to poll and vote on topics that you are interested in and matter to you. In a new blog post, the company has finally dropped the Beta tag and has made section official, as well as adding a new feature. Complementing StrawCast are notifications which can soon become a handy thing once the growth of topics build. Now with notifications added, you can follow any of your favorite topics and receive notifications when there is a new poll to vote on.

In order for you to start receiving notifications, there is just one simple task you need to do so you can get the ball rolling. First, of course, open the app, then look for the hashtag icon because you will need to tap on that. Once you have done that, tap on the notification bell on the right-hand side and you’re all set. StrawCast has given you the option to follow as many topics as you please, so you’re not held back but just a few. Now at this point, if you are still questioning why Notifications matter, well as Straw said in their blog post, you will never miss a poll that matters to you. From big sports games to political matches, StrawCast enables you to be a part of the big conversation surrounding these types of events. From different issues brewing within your topic, you can weigh in and track what exactly is going on. So with notifications added, you are now alerted and provided with the information you need to stay up to date.

The newest version of StrawCast is now available in the Google Play Store. With the Beta tag dropped from the apps name, StrawCast should be much smoother and users should experience less lag than before. If you are into social polling, than StrawCast may be the app for you. If this app sounds like something you are interested in then you can go grab it from the Google PlayStore and start following those topics that matter to you.