Sprint Overhauls Virgin Mobile Pricing Structure

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Sprint’s Virgin Mobile prepaid service will soon offer a new pricing structure while discontinuing PayLo and Broadband2Go. Sprints reasoning behind the change is simple; people are more engaged in paying for a monthly plan. The new pricing options are fairly reasonable with all of the plans coming with unlimited talk and text. The price differences comes in when we bring up the term data. The base plan which Virgin will offer start at $30 per month with just 500 MB of data. Following that plans comes the $40 per month plan which gives you 4GB of data and if that isn’t enough, you can cough up an extra $10 to get 6GB. The awesome part about all of these plans is that they come with zero-rated music streaming from companies such as Pandora, Slacker, iHeartRadio, and Samsung Milk. So you can listen to all the music you want without worrying about racking up a large bill at the end of the month.

The overhaul of Virgin Mobile’s pricing structure comes after Sprint took a closer look at what they were really offering customers. PayLo which gives you unlimited talking and texting on a low-end phone only appealed to people looking for quick burner phones. Their Broadband2Go plan gave users prepaid data with a portable wifi hotspot, but after noticing that tablets came with its own cellular connection. The new price plans that Virgin will soon implement will replace the $35 per month deal that gave users unlimited talk, text and just 1GB of data while $45 gave you 3GB and $55 for a full on 8GB. The old price structure looks a bit messy compared to Virgins new plans.


In the midst of discontinuing old prepaid plans, Virgin will also no longer sell Virgin Mobile Custom offerings in Walmart which according to Dow Draper who is the President of Sprint’s Prepaid service division. According to Draper, the new prepaid plans are a result of Sprints CEO, Marcelo Claure, wanting to de-emphasize the Virgin brand. As we can see, Sprint has followed their word and has reorganizes their distribution strategy. With a much more cleaner pricing plan, people looking for a cheaper phone bill may being to make their way to Virgin Mobile.