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Zombie Hit is an Android game that offers users a frantic and fun tap game that tasks them with defending their homeland from five different types of Zombie across four different game modes. With endless fun for those looking for a marathon session, time attack mode for those wanting to test their reaction times and the defense mode for players looking for a gradually increasing challenge the more they play. With tight Google Play Games integration and strong power-ups, Zombie Hit is a game that should appeal to the majority of users out there, so let's take a closer look, shall we?


Users can get started with Zombie Hit by downloading the game from the Play Store. Once first launched, the game will ask players which game mode they want to play.

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For those looking to play the game from scratch, choosing Defense mode is a decent bet, as it offers players an increasing challenge and a decent introduction to the game.


2016-02-16 17.19.54

Each game mode will give players an introduction on how to play it, which is a nice touch, but in reality it's pretty easy to figure out to play each mode. In Defense mode, players need to keep incoming Zombies from reaching the bottom of the display, otherwise you will lose a life, lose three lives and that's it, game over.

2016-02-16 17.20.22


As you can see, things start of nice and easily in Zombie Hit, but after a little while there are more difficult enemies that appear, not only does the quantity of said enemies increase, but users will also have to fight off more difficult bosses, too.

2016-02-16 17.21.17

Over time, it will be difficult to stop all of the zombies from getting to the bottom of the display, and the movements of the zombies evolve over time as well.


2016-02-16 17.22.06

If we look at the right of the display, we can see that I have acquired some power-ups, which will help me to get rid of Zombies a lot quicker. These are earned during each of your gameplay sessions, and how you use them is down to you, but saving them is often a good strategy.

Zombie Power-ups


At the end of each round, you're given a score, and if you're good at the game, you might end up with an achievement, as I have here:

2016-02-16 17.26.30

Players can also play with their Facebook friends as well, which can make things exciting for those competitive players out there.


Zombie Hit Facebook

There's a good variety of different game modes on offer here in Zombie Hit, and there's even a game mode for those that just want to play without having to worry about any lives or high scores, which I really enjoyed:

2016-02-16 17.26.39


There's a lot on offer here in Zombie Hit, and I feel that the majority of players will find something they like here. The gameplay is simple and accessible while also offering players a satisfying challenge, something that is often a lot harder to deliver than we realize. The different game modes will further tailor the core mechanics to players and what they want to play, and I especially liked the inclusion of the Infinity mode, after all sometimes people just want to get stuck in and pass some time. The tight integration with Google Play Games as well as the Facebook integrations makes for a quality competitive game experience, and this is a good game to share with friends and see how good they are. The core mechanic of tapping enemies might not appeal to everyone, but I enjoyed the frantic pace and found it to be a strong challenge, although I did find myself cursing the responsiveness of some taps every now and then.


  • Speed (4/5) – Zombie Hit runs nice and smoothly and the gameplay pace is challenging and quite addictive.
  • Theme (4/5) – The cartoon style here is playful enough for younger players, but also not too gruesome to worry parents. It's well-polished and will look nice on smartphones and tablets the same.
  • Features (4/5) – Zombie Hit has a lot on offer, but the core mechanic of simply tapping things might not appeal to those looking for a more serious game. Having said that, the challenge presented by this should give players a lot to get stuck into.
  • Overall (4/5) – Zombie Hit is the sort of game that should appeal to a lot of players, and while the gameplay could be described as repetitive, the different game modes and power-ups help to spice things up and it's a solid challenge, too.


  • Simple and accessible gameplay makes this something all players will be able to play.
  • Lots of different power-ups give players more creative ways to deal with the undead when things get a little trickier.
  • Different game modes will cater to those who enjoy varying degrees of difficulty as well as those that just want to have fun with a game.
  • Google Play Games leaderboards and achievements give players something to work towards and helps conjure a competitive following around the game.


  • Might be considered a little repetitive for some players over time.
  • Those that aren't big into Zombie games might find it difficult to get into at first.

While there's a lot on offer with Zombie Hit, I have to wonder whether or not some players might find it a little repetitive after a while. Hopefully though, with the power-ups and the pretty great use of Google Play Games players will find more than enough on offer here and the core gameplay is certainly addictive and challenging, if nothing else.


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