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Whack Magic 2 is an Android game that features much of the RPG charm that people have come to love, but also features an arcade style gameplay system. The gameplay is fast-paced and players must tap, hold and swipe to defeat enemies quickly without being overrun by the dark magic demons. We reviewed the original Whack Magic, and now the classic game is back with a new shop packed with consumable items as well as fancy new weapons and more. Boss stages present a serious challenge for players looking for difficult gameplay and the artwork and graphics that are used here are all great, too. Just like the original game, there's a lot on offer here, so let's take a closer look and see what the game is all about.

As with other Android games, players can simply download Whack Magic 2 from the Play Store to get started. When first launched, there's a sort of comic book intro to the game.


2016-02-01 18.55.43

Whack Magic 2 eases players into the gameplay mechanics bit-by-bit, introducing them to the tap mechanic with the easiest enemies.

2016-02-01 18.56.04


The different enemies get more difficult as players progress through the game, but these stumps are a nice way of showing off the tap mechanic of Whack Magic 2, which adds a fast-paced urgency to such a game.

2016-02-01 18.56.15

More advanced enemies soon join the fray, such as the ghost featured below, which asks users to swipe to the right on top of their animation, adding some diversity to how players need to attack enemies.


2016-02-01 19.04.47

More enemies such as the Rat, which asks users to press and hold for a few seconds in order to defeat them round out the enemies on offer here.

2016-02-01 19.01.15


Soon enough, players will have a tough play area to defeat, with different enemies that require different attack mechanics to defeat. This new swipes and long-presses help spice up the combat at work here in Whack Magic 2 and the game is a lot deeper because of these mechanics.

Whack Magic 2 monsters

Should players feel a little too challenged by Whack Magic 2, they can use the new Shop to purchase consumables such as potions or weapons to help them deal more damage.


2016-02-01 19.08.36

Coins can be bought using in-app purchases, dropped by defeated enemies or from the Fever Mode, which gives players the opportunity to open up a number of chests in order to get some more coins added to their totals.

2016-02-01 19.00.23


New boss stages further enhance the game, giving players longer stages to get their teeth sunk into, and these also include the use of gestures that players need to draw on the screen in order to defeat their special attacks, with a timer that counts down, too.

2016-02-01 19.05.16

I really enjoyed the first Whack Magic game, and I'm happy to report that this second outing for the game is even better than the original one. It might not be a total revamp of the first game, but the additions that have been made make a world of difference. For instance, the new mechanics of having to swipe and long-press on certain enemies help to spice things up for players, and it definitely keeps them on their toes, wondering what's next. The boss battles take this to another level with the symbol-drawing task, and these change throughout a battle to keep people on edge. The shop is an interesting addition, and while it can take some time to get some coins, I didn't find it too difficult to purchase a new staff after having played the game for only a little while, and this does mean that there are no ads in the game, as in-app purchases are what the developer relies upon.



  • Speed (4/5) – No problems with performance here, Whack Magic 2 runs just fine on my devices and the fast-pace action is great fun, too.
  • Theme (4/5) – The monster design is great here, and the user interface has been improved a lot as well. Animations and such are all smooth and look good in Whack Magic 2.
  • Features (4/5) – The gameplay mechanics here have been improved and the fast-paced action that people loved about the original are back with a little more of a challenge and big boss battles for tough fun.
  • Overall (4/5) – An excellent improvement over the original game, Whack Magic 2 is worth giving a play, if only to see what a fast-paced RPG game is like.


  • Works well on both phones and tablets, thanks to the 3 x 3 play area.
  • New shop feature gives players some new character customizations and a goal to work towards when saving up for a new weapon, etc.
  • Boss battles add another layer of difficulty to a challenging game that some might have thought too easier in the original game.
  • Fast-paced speed of gameplay makes this a change of pace from other RPG-style games out there, that rely on more strategy than action.


  • Can take quite some time to get the bigger items in the store, but then they wouldn't be worth the work.
  • Might not feel like a full sequel to some players, but makes a lot of big changes.

All-in-all, Whack Magic 2 is an excellent Android game that fans of RPG games and fast-paced arcade fun will really enjoy. The new mechanics as well as new features like the boss battles and the new store all add a lot of extra gameplay to the overall game and it's now a lot more fully-featured, that's for sure. Worth checking out, this is a quick and exciting game both younger and older players will find enjoyable.


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