Sponsored Game Review: Juicy Drop Pop: Candy Kingdom


Juicy Drop Pop: Candy Kingdom is an arcade style Android game for those that enjoy physics based fun and popping colorful candies. A mixture of many different games, Juicy Drop Pop: Candy Kingdom asks players to pop groups of 3 or more candies the same color in order to complete the level. Players need to pop the right amount of each color to move to the next level, but only have a certain amount of moves to do this in. To make the most of those limited moves, players can use power-ups to remove lots of candies at the same time as well as collect more coins to unlock yet more of these power-ups and boosters.

Getting started is as simple as downloading Juicy Drop Pop: Candy Kingdom from the Play Store and launching the game.


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When players first start off with the game, there's a short introduction of how to actually play the game (which is thankfully pretty simple from the start).


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The basic principle of the game is to match certain color candies with other the same color. The bubbles are all controlled by accurate physics and gravity. So when you remove a group from the bottom, they'll all fall down naturally, rather than in a grid like other games.


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As you can see at the top of the display, there are certain goals that people need to reach in order to move on to the next level, in the above example the player needs to match 20 of each color in just 20 moves.


When players use boosters, accessed from below, they will be able to destroy more than just a few of the same color at the same time with the bomb, change the color with the color wheel or pinpoint certain candies with the dart power-up. There's a wide variety of these available as well.

Juicy Drop boosters

Over time, the level design changes subtly to include different type of tiles, such as these frozen tiles:


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At the end of each level, players are given a look at how well they've done.


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Should players fail to complete the level, they can either spend some coins to keep going or simply restart the level and give it another go.


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There are lots of different levels available here in Juicy Drop Pop: Candy Kingdom some of which have some pretty great and challenging level design to them.

Juicy Drop levels

Juicy Drop Pop: Candy Kingdom is a good fun game for Android, and while I feel like it will appeal more to a younger audience, the gameplay here can be quite challenging. It's not an easy game and some of the levels are designed to be really quite tricky, but there's a lot on offer here with the boosters to make things a little easier for those stuck. Having to complete a level with only a certain number of moves is a good idea, and helps to give the game a little more of a serious gameplay feel. Overall, this is a game that has a lot going for it, but some of the constant ads might be a little annoying for some users and it doesn't seem that easy to get coins for more boosters and such.


  • Speed (4/5) – Juicy Drop Pop: Candy Kingdom runs just fine on the majority of Android devices out there, and there's little to worry about concerning performance.
  • Features (4/5) – The gameplay might not be all that original, but there's enough on offer here to keep players on their toes and while it's certainly familiar it will offer players something different to get stuck into.
  • Theme (4/5) – All of the fruits and candies look great and the physics engine works really well to give a realistic sense of gravity and movement when getting rid of candies and such.
  • Overall (4/5) – A good-natured game for players of all ages, Juicy Drop Pop: Candy Kingdom will offer players something familiar while also giving them a challenge and the boosters on offer will certainly keep the gameplay fairly fresh for a lot of people.


  • Good-looking and colorful graphics make this something younger players will be able to spend time with happily.
  • Simple and familiar gameplay mechanics mean that Juicy Drop Pop: Candy Kingdom is an accessible and easy game to play, regardless of skill or prior experience.
  • Subtle additions such as boosters and exciting level design will keep players on their toes while offering them a real sense of accomplishment.
  • Works well on the majority of devices out there, including lower-end hardware and such.


  • Some might find it too familiar to something like Candy Crush and other similar titles.

While there's definitely a familiar look and feel to Juicy Drop Pop: Candy Kingdom, it is its own game and the boosters give users a lot of extra functionality to play around with. The level design is on point and there's a genuine challenge here for all players, regardless of what other games they've played before. The only real problem with Juicy Drop Pop: Candy Kingdom is the amount of ads, but then again it is an entirely free game after all.