Sponsored Game Review: Cash Or Crash: Getaway Drive


Cash Or Crash: Getaway Drive is an Android game that features classic endless runner racing with the rush of a getaway and the tight turns of a rally game. The game puts players inside a getaway car – of which there are 8 different ones to choose from, including a classic Police Cruiser – after the bank vault's been blown. Players must navigate a twisty highway across 7 different levels to collect as much spilt cash as possible and avoid crashing. The longer people keep on trucking, the higher a score they get and the more cash they collect to unlock more levels and purchase better cars. With power-ups such as auto-steering and better brakes to get better scores, Cash Or Crash: Getaway Drive quickly becomes an addictive game for players of all ages.

Before players can hit the open road with their cash, they need to download Cash Or Crash: Getaway Drive from the Play Store. Once they've done that, they can load the game up and watch the fun little intro that introduces players to the game.


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When players first get started, the game will tell players how to play. Thankfully, the controls here are really simple, and it's mostly a single-tap affair with a little extra on top. For instance, players need only tap when they absolutely have to turn.

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When playing Cash Or Crash: Getaway Drive there are a few numbers displayed as players evade the police, such as how much cash they've collected and how far they've gone in meters. While I see that the meter measurement is purely to keep track of high scores, it is a little unrealistic when playing, as the car travels fairly quickly and yet the meters don't tick up very quickly at all.

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The overall aim of the game is to not crash, but should you crash, Cash Or Crash: Getaway Drive gives players a run down of their score as well as the opportunity to win prizes when shared online.


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Players will also get the opportunity to spin a wheel of fortune type wheel to earn more cash, which can be used to unlock more cars and purchase more power-ups.

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There's some interesting Google Play Games Integration in Cash Or Crash: Getaway Drive, such as the ability to unlock achievements and so on.

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While the gameplay is the absolute star here, there are lots of different unlocks for players to work towards, such as upgrades to help you get farther on your next run.


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Cars require unlocking using the cash harvested from gameplays and spins, and there are some good-looking cars to choose from as well.

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Cash Or Crash: Getaway Drive features 8 different cars to choose from, some of them a little whacky compared to the others, too.

Cash Or Crash- Getaway Drive cars

Different levels are also included, although most of these are similar in their overall appearance – at least where the road is concerned – but there is a good variety here.


Cash Or Crash- Getaway Drive levels

Perhaps the main reason that regular players will keep on coming back to Cash Or Crash: Getaway Drive however is that it features Live Multiplayer for players to compete against each other.

Cash Or Crash- Getaway Drive multi

While the overall gameplay of Cash Or Crash: Getaway Drive is fairly simple, it's addictive and the racing fans out there will love it. A game that's good for all ages, there's a lot on offer here and the unlocks available here are really help to keep players coming back time and time again. It's not the most exciting game when playing to be honest, but endless runner fans will find a lot to love here and there's definitely some addictive gameplay. The different cars – the cop car being my personal favorite – as well as the different levels help to spice things up and refreshingly, this is a game that actually provides free players the means to unlock more, rather than begging for in-app purchases all the time. Good-natured fun channeling some of our favorite films of the past few decades, Cash Or Crash: Getaway Drive is worth playing.


  • Speed (4/5) – The fast-paced action will keep players on their toes, and the game runs just fine.
  • Theme (4/5) – Cash Or Crash: Getaway Drive has a good look and feel to it, with some good graphics and fun sound effects. The different cars and different levels help to keep the appearance fresh and different, too.
  • Features (4/5) – The core gameplay of Cash Or Crash: Getaway Drive is perhaps not all that original, but the extra unlocks and variety of different cars, levels and upgrades really help to keep the game nice and fresh.
  • Overall (4/5) – Cash Or Crash: Getaway Drive is a game that will appeal to a lot of different players and there's enough on offer to keep them locked and happy for a long time to game.


  • Super-simple control scheme makes this accessible and easy to play one-handed no matter where you are.
  • Gives players a lot of scope with upgrades and such to keep their high scores going for as long as possible.
  • Different cars as well as the 7 different levels help keep the game fresh and gives players soemthing to work towards.
  • Google Play Games integration, as well as live multiplayer, helps make Cash Or Crash: Getaway Drive feel more than just your standard endless runner game.


  • Live multiplayer requires connection to third-party nextpeer network.
  • Might not appeal to those that have played lots of endless runner games recently.

All-in-all, Cash Or Crash: Getaway Drive is a game that should appeal to the majority of gamers out there – casual or otherwise – and even though the core mechanic is a little basic, it's still good fun, there's no denying that. With no need to mess around with silly control schemes or whatever, this is easy to get into and the rally, racing fun is easy for youngsters to control, too. Overall, this is a game worth trying out, and it's good-natured fun for all the family to boot.