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Spending money is just a part of life, and while not everyone spends their money the same, everyone can keep track of their spending the same so they have a leg up on their spending habits and finances. There are multiple ways to do this but with the age of smartphones one of the easiest ways to do this is through an app. Track Your Buying is an app that provides all the basic necessities of logging your purchase details so you know exactly how much you have spent on each thing you buy as well as how much change you should get back depending on certain variables. Track Your Buying is perfect for anyone who wants an easy to use tool to help them know what they spend when out at the store before they reach the register, so let's take a look at it.

Keeping track of your spending is easy when you have what you need, so to be prepared you can pick up Track Your Buying from the Play Store and have it on hand the next time you go to the store.

At first glance when opening up Track Your Buying, you can immediately tell that the app is simple to use. You're also presented with the main page right away where you enter in the item details for each thing you buy so using it is also quick.

The nice thing about the app is that if you do end up finding it a little more challenging, there is a handy little tutorial video that runs you through how to use it and what features the application has. While basic, there will likely be some users that will want to know the ins and outs of the app before they pick it up, and the tutorial does a good job of displaying how things work.

Pretty much everything within the app is set to defaults like having one list or 1 unit for items on your list, but you can go into settings and easily tweak this to have a second shopping list if you wish to have it.

You aren't able to name the lists, as they are simply labeled list 1 and list 2, but they do appear on the same page which makes entering items on each list pretty easy and convenient, and having two allows you to set different tax rates for each list if they'll be different.

You can enter as many items as you need to for each list, with the name, amount of each item, and cost of each item as you go. Each item on the list is also labeled in numbered order for viewing later on. Having the list items numbered off comes in useful if you end up needing to change something about a specific item, as there is a field for this and you can modify things like price, or amount of the item you have already entered. If you need to clear the list and simply start over, you can do that with the clear all button.

As you enter each item you can calculate the amount you'll get back in change depending on how much you give the cashier or pay at the checkout, or you can do this after your list has been completed and you're actually ready to pay. Once you're done or if you just want an overview of the list items at any point you can hit the "show receipt" button to see everything that's been entered.

When creating the list of items you're buying, entering in the names and unit number of each item are optional, but keep in mind it'll be easier to tell what is what if you have these values entered in. The only value that is not optional is the cost of the item, and you will want to enter the cost with dollar and cents. So for example, if you have something that costs $3.85, you'll want to enter in 385 and the app will enter in the decimal for you automatically. Alternatively, you can also enter in the decimal manually.

Track Your Buying is quite the useful application if you're someone who likes to make lists with necessary details about your shopping items and know how much you're spending each time you buy something. While basic with no frills, the app works well and seems to function flawlessly, which is the most important factor with an app of this nature. It has everything that most people will need when shopping for virtually anything, and it's nice that the decimal can be set to automatic or manual depending on your preferences.


  • Speed (5/5) - The app opens up and functions pretty quickly and I didn't notice any hangups.
  • Theme (4/5) - The UI design and style of the app are pretty basic so users shouldn't expect any material design, but the simple interface is easy to use and everything is to find.
  • Features (4/5) - Track Your Buying has all the necessities for making simple lists and keeping track of the cost of each item and how you spent total.
  • Overall (4/5) - While simple, the app works great and fulfills its intended purpose. If you just want something that works without a bunch of features cluttering up the experience, this provides it.


  • Ability to make multiple lists
  • Automatic decimal entry
  • Receipt button
  • Easy way to clear entire list at once
  • Tutorial video
  • Time Stamps on receipts with time and date
  • Ability to change item details like cost or unit amount


  • Can only make up to two lists at a time. Some users may want more than two

Track Your Buying is a great little application which offers the basic features you'd need for keeping track of how much you spend while shopping. If you're bad at keeping track of your purchases after the fact, having this app on hand while you're buying things can be extremely useful, and it helps you know how much you're going to spend before you checkout. While the interface is basic, as stated above the app works pretty well and gets the job done so the UI is easy to overlook. If you have a need to keep track of your spending amounts, Track Your Buying will be able to help you and is worth checking out.

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