Sponsored App Review: SelfieMark


SelfieMark is an Android app and social network that's all about sharing selfies and polling your friends on-the-go about anything with other members of the community. It allows people to take a selfie and perfect it inside of the app, to make sure it looks perfect and then to share it with other people out there. SelfieMark is an up and coming community, built for people as well as business to share their passions with people and connect with like-minded people all over the world. Completely free to download and use, SelfieMark users can easily tag their friends, share private images and have all the fun they'd have on other social networks but revolving around the same content; selfies and polls.

Users can download SelfieMark for free from the Play Store, once launched users will need to either sign up for an account or log in with their Facebook account.


2016-01-24 19.09.47

SelfieMark will then guide you through the setup process, which mostly involves having to choose a username and then choosing your passions from the following screen.

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You'll then want to find and invite some friends to join you on SelfieMark, you can easily do this using Facebook or the address book already in your phone.

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SelfieMark is essentially like Instagram and other photo sharing sites, and there's a feed full of photos and selfies to look through, all curated to match the passions that you told SelfieMark you were interested in during sign up.




When you find a photo that you like, you can take a closer-look at it, like this excellent plate of food I came across.


2016-01-24 19.14.03

With SelfieMark, users can like an image, or they can use their profile to make a comment and join the conversation, as well as share these photos wherever they want. One thing that business, websites like our own, and those passing something along will love about SelfieMark is that the description for a photo allows links to be included. This is something Instagram doesn't allow, and has made it difficult for brands and businesses to harness the full potential of the app.

Users can take a look at a specific profile as well, so if you're friends become quite active on SelfieMark, you can happily see what they're sharing and when, as well as join their conversations and such.


2016-01-24 19.14.23

Of course, looking at other people's work is only part of the fun, and sharing your own selfies and giving or asking for feedback is where the real fun is. To do this, users can either share from their phone's storage, using Android's built-in file explorer (so happy SelfieMark uses this).

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Or, you can take a selfie or photo there and then and perfect it with the cropping tools and retouching tools on offer.

SelfieMark selfie

SelfieMark features a pretty nifty little feature called Polling, which allows you to ask all of your friends online which one is better or which photo they like better, and so on. Again, this is something brands and businesses will find useful, as it allows them to better promote their brand from within the app.


SelfieMark Polling

SelfieMark is one of those apps that will definitely appeal to a certain group of people, but it's appeal might not be much wider than that. To me, SelfieMark represents a sort of anti-Instagram, a place for people to share photos in much the same fashion as Facebook's photo sharing site, but without all your current friends and all the noise. Having said that, an anti-Instagram might be just what a lot of people need, Instagram doesn't allow the sharing of links, but SelfieMark does and this features more organic and natural conversations, rather than a multitude of likes and shares. With the Polling feature, SelfieMark gives users – as well as businesses – the ability to ask their friends and fans a simple question, and the fact that it's easy to perfect a photo before uploading it makes SelfieMark a nice option. It's difficult to see where SelfieMark will fit in with the rest of the photo sharing sites and apps out there, but it's just getting started, and it could end up being a great source of entertainment for people the world over.


  • Speed (4/5) – SelfieMark runs nice and quickly and getting started with the app is super-simple.
  • Features (4/5) – With features similar to Instagram as well as filling in the gaps left by it, this could be a nice breath of fresh air for those tired of all the noise and those looking for something new to get their creative content out there.
  • Theme (4/5) – The app itself looks good, and selfies as well as photos are all nicely framed and it's easy to pick out what you like from the rest of the network.
  • Overall (4/5) – SelfieMark is an app that has a lot of potential, and while it might feel a little too much like Instagram to a lot of people, there is more to it than that, and it could become a new haven for budding photographers.


  • Allows users to perfect their selfies before they upload them to the network, giving them some great editing tools.
  • No need to go through a lengthy sign up process, and signing in with Facebook can bring some much-needed friends to the network, too.
  • Links can be shared at the same time as an image, giving users more flexibility than something like Instagram for passing on great stuff found online.
  • Offers users an organic conversation feed for people to comment on and connect over common ground.


  • Might feel like a simple alternative to Instagram for some users.
  • Android app can feel a little similar to the iOS version of the app.

SelfieMark is an Android app and network that has a lot of potential for giving users fed up with the usual Instagram and Twitter noise something different to get behind. With more advanced features like being able to touch-up and edit a selfie or photo, rather than just applying a filter, as well as the ability to share links with photos and connect better in the comments, there's a lot on offer here with SelfieMark. Free to download and use, SelfieMark could be your favorite new hangout.