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There are all sorts of apps available for Android to find new recipes and such, as well as simple timer apps to help you cook. Having one timer for one meal never quite works out however, as there are multiple elements that go into a full meal. Kitchen Timer is an Android app that understands that, and allows users to set individual timers for individual elements of a meal, making sure that everything is cooked correctly and ready to serve at the same time, together. Kitchen Timer sends notifications – that display both on your phone and Android Wear smartwatch – for each element that needs to be started, and does all the math for you, making it easy to prepare a slap-up meal without racking your brains about different timings and so on.

To get started with Kitchen Timer and your next masterpiece, users need to download it from the Play Store, for free. Once launched, the app will give users a quick look at how to best use the app.


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Just hit the "Get Started" button to put in certain elements of your meal. For this example, I'll be making my famous slow-cook Lamb Madras Indian Curry. Each element takes a little longer than each other, so it's a good way to test the app out.

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You can name each part of your overall meal and give them certain times, this ensures that each part of the meal is cooked correctly, rather than just having one timer for every piece of the meal.

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Once all the parts of your meal have been put together, users will see when the entire meal will be ready and they just need to hit start to get the ball rolling.


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When another piece of the meal needs to be started, the app will give users an update via an onscreen notification.

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Notifications appear like this on Android Wear, too:


This will also be seen in your notification tray as the meal is ongoing.


2016-02-06 17.33.33

When your entire meal is ready to be served, Kitchen Timer will let you know:

2016-02-06 18.31.12


Kitchen Timer is undeniably a simple app, but that's more of a blessing than it is a curse. After all, everyone's cooking process is different, but there's one thing that everyone needs to pay attention to, and that's the individual cooking times for different elements of an overall meal. This is what I liked about Kitchen Timer, as it doesn't matter what the 15 minutes for my cheese naan meant, whether that was just cooking time or full preparation, I still know when to get started on the naan to make sure that it's ready to go with everything else. Something like Kitchen Timer will be great for those cooking big meals with roasts or items that take a long time paired with quicker-cooking elements. Simple, free to use and well worth having installed for those big, family meals, Kitchen Timer gets the job done.


  • Speed (4/5) – Kitchen Timer runs just fine and it's a very lightweight app that's quick and easy to use.
  • Theme (4/5) – Leveraging the built-in Material Design of newer versions of Android, Kitchen Timer blends in and just looks good, without being too flashy or out of place.
  • Features (4/5) – It's certainly a simple app, but there's not much rocket science involved in timing a full meal, but Kitchen Timer makes it easy and stress free. Android Wear notifications helps make this even better around the kitchen.
  • Overall (4/5) – A simple and easy-to-use Android app that gets the job done without any hassle or stress, Kitchen Timer is worth keeping installed for budding cooks and caterers.


  • Runs quickly on pretty much any Android phone or tablet without taking up resources.
  • Allows people to input whatever information they want, letting them get on with their own cooking process.
  • Super-easy to use and get used to, without complicated instructions or whatever else.
  • Onscreen notifications and such will help keep a big meal on track, without having to stress the cook out.


  • Might be too simple for those used to more complicated cooking apps that are available.
  • Ads could turn off some users, but the app is totally free after all.

While Kitchen Timer is clearly an app designed just for those looking to take on a big meal, it works well and it's undeniably simple and easy to use. Expanded Android Wear features would be nice, but the notifications work well, and it'll definitely be a nice reminder when on people's wrists. It would be nice to see some extra features like a step-by-step breakdown for certain elements, but the beauty of the app is its simplicity. This won't suit everyone, but for those with a clear cooking process in mind, the extra timers will help keep on track in their own way.



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