Sponsored App Review: Cartogram


When most people need to get somewhere these days and if they aren't sure how to do that, they might turn to applications like Google Maps or HERE Maps to assist them in navigating toward their destination. What about when they get there though? Say for example you're headed to a shopping mall and you don't want to waste time looking for one of those "you are here" signs to pinpoint your location and see what stores are inside. That's where an app like Cartogram comes in and shows you all the stores and shops indoors at the mall you've just come to. Of course, Cartogram has plenty of other uses too, like finding friends and family on the map or classes on campus. No matter where you're going, if it's indoors and you need to know what's around you, Cartogram may be able to help. Let's check it out.

Before you can see any of the indoor maps that Cartogram has to offer you'll want to head to the Play Store and download the app.



Upon opening Cartogram, you'll be greeted with a tutorial to walk you through what the app looks like when you're seeing a series of indoor maps.



Cartogram doesn't just give you indoor maps to look at so you know what businesses and other things are around you, it also lets you search for products so you can find what you're trying to buy. You can filter products based on the store, color, size, and price that you want.


Searching for products can be done either by simply hitting the search key towards the top and typing in the product or product keyword you're looking for, or you can tap on any of the shops located in the area where you are to search for as product at that store specifically.




Once you find a product you're looking for, you can tap on it to insert a pinpoint on the map, and you can even get walking directions to the store it's located at with a detailed display line showing you which direction on the map you need to travel.




Cartogram allows you look at maps and use most features without signing in, however, if you do login to the app you can see which friends or family members who are nearby and chat with them, and because you can see each other on the Cartogram map you easily meet up.



But, what if you want to let someone know where you are inside of a building if they don't have the Cartogram app? No problem! Just use the handing indoor location sharing feature and create a link which you can share with anyone. For instance, if you were going to meet up with a travel companion at the airport near the baggage drop, you could generate this link and send it to them in a text message: https://www.indoormaps.com/explorer?HnivLaM



Indoor maps are layered by level, so if the location you're currently at has multiple floors, you can switch between them with ease to find out what's on each floor.


As someone who uses maps all the time outdoors to get directions to places they've never been, it's extremely useful to have something that essentially does the same thing for indoors, but adds in features that make it more robust like searching for products at stores or finding friends on the map and chatting with them to arrange a meetup. Using Cartogram was really easy and I wasn't required to login to the app to access maps or search for stuff. While I did need to login to the app to use the chat function, this isn't something I would see myself using often if at all, and if you're in the same boat you could opt to stay logged out and just use the maps. While Cartogram may not have indoor maps for everywhere yet, they're constantly adding new maps daily to expand the app's reach.



  • Speed (5/5) – The app opens up rather quickly and I never encountered any stuttering during feature use.
  • Theme (4/5) – The UI inside of Cartogram is pretty decent and for the most part utilizes material design to show off and display the app's functions.
  • Features (4/5) – Cartogram isn't jampacked with features and that's just fine as it doesn't need to be. It offers up plenty of what's essential for providing what it's meant to be used for.
  • Overall (4/5) – Cartogram is a great application if you have the need to use indoor maps. It works well and it's easy on the eyes so things are simple to find.


  • No login required to use the maps.
  • Product search and directions.
  • Share your indoor location with others, even if they don't have the app.
  • Chat feature and friend locator.
  • 10,000+ indoor maps to explore.
  • Material design style UI.


  • Login with Google or Twitter option would be nice to have instead of just email or Facebook

Overall Cartogram is a pretty great little app and it has loads of potential to grow. Just about anyone could find a use for it and if you go shopping often enough or always out and about, having indoor maps at your disposal could prove to be invaluable. With daily additions of indoor maps and thousands already available at the fingertips of the user, Cartogram is must check out app.