Speck Announces Cases for Galaxy S7, S7 Edge & LG G5

Speck Candyshell Galaxy S7 AH 8

As is typical after a day of announcements for flagship devices, like what we've had today with LG and Samsung, case manufacturers are also making their announcements for these smartphones. Speck is first in line here, announcing that their line of cases will be available for all three flagships announced today. Those include the LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. They are bringing their Candyshell cases over to the three devices and will be available in different designs as well. Including Clear  & Onyx, Inked, and Grip. The Candyshell Grip is one of our favorites because the case adds some grip to the smartphone that it's protecting. Something that can always be useful, especially with smartphone makers using metal and glass these days.

The clear and inked models will be retailing for $39.95, while the others will be $49.94. Speck Products has not yet announced availability, just that it's coming soon. It's very likely that their Samsung cases will be available around the time that the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are available, which is March 11th. The LG G5 doesn't have an official release date just yet, but it appears to be around April 1st, so it wouldn't be surprising to see their cases for the LG G5 available around that time. You can check out their cases on their website now (through the source link below).


Samsung's Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and LG's G5 may have stolen the show this year. All three devices are great flagships from two of South Korea's biggest telecommunications manufacturers. The LG G5 has a modular design, which means you'll be able to swap out the battery for another one, and add other features like better audio, better camera controls and much more. While Samsung's Galaxy S7 is all about refining their design they debuted last year. Samsung also debuted a new virtual reality camera in the Gear 360, as well as doing part of their event in virtual reality (their stage actually opened up like a box, hence the "Unpacked" name for the event). If you're looking for some great cases for any of these devices, Speck has you covered.

Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge


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