SoundCloud Offers Continuous Play With New 'Stations' Feature

AH SoundCloud 3

Among the sea of services available on both the web and through mobile apps, SoundCloud is a popular offering due to the variety of different music it holds and the fact that it costs users literally nothing to listen to all the music they could ever want. Users can also favorite songs and leave comments on tracks they really like, which thus far has made an overall pretty great listening experience for many users. SoundCloud’s latest update though brings in a feature which is not only likely to make it more popular but also a whole lot easier to use.

Today’s update rolling out introduces SoundCloud’s new ‘Stations’ feature which is essentially streaming radio. It lets you set up a continuous playback of tracks based on a particular song you search for and select, and then SoundCloud basically takes everything from there and attempts to play relevant music based on your choices. Features like this have long been popular on services like Pandora which also takes the songs or artists you search for and plays music continuously that is similar. While this does give you a steady stream of music to listen to that is generally going to be something you haven’t heard in a while or are just listening to for the first time, it also makes for a good way to discover new kinds of music.


Just like the app has always been, the new Stations feature is free to access for users. To get to it, all you have to do is open up SoundCloud and anytime you’re listening to a song that you like, open up the overflow menu and tap “start track station” to hear more music similar to what’s already playing. This will initiate the station and then you can simply sit back and enjoy anything that comes up without having to search for more stuff. It equals less management of your tracks and if something pops up you don’t like you can still tell SoundCloud you’d rather not hear more stuff like it which will help the station play more relevant music going forward. If you want to pick up SoundCloud, you can grab it from the Play Store link.