Sony to Announce Moto Hint Competitor During MWC 2016?


When Motorola became a big player in the cell phone world once again with the launch of the second Moto X, original Moto 360 and second-gen Moto G, they also introduced a quirky new Bluetooth accessory. Dubbed the Hint, Motorola wanted to offer something that was small enough to go unnoticed, but functional enough to replace your already-existing Bluetooth headsets or ear pieces. When we reviewed the second one, we were fairly impressed, but it seemed at the time Motorola were being a little too ambitious. They since improved their original version, and it appears like Sony might be following in their footsteps.

Compared to the amount of leaks surrounding the LG G5 and Galaxy S7 leading up to Mobile World Congress, things have pretty quiet on the Sony front. Whether or not the firm has learned how to keep a secret, or if Sony is waiting until later in the year to release their next round of smartphones of tablets is unclear, but we've heard little about Sony. That is until the infamous leakster @evleaks basically told the world that Sony was planning a "tiny, smart Bluetooth headset" during MWC. There was no picture provided, which is often a hallmark of his, so there's no way to tell if this is 100% confirmed, but it would fit with Sony's previous reasons. During IFA and CES, just a few months ago, Sony released more accessories for their mobile devices, with more colorful and understated designs. We saw new headphones and Bluetooth speakers debut during CES 2016, and a smart Bluetooth headset certainly doesn't seem out of the question.


We'll be at Sony's press conference come Monday the 22nd later this month during MWC, and we'll have all the announcements as soon as we can. If the radio silence surrounding Sony is any indication, we could be in for a quiet February from Sony, which is a shame as the firm has previously used MWC to launch devices like the Xperia Z2 line and the Xperia Z4 Tablet. Regardless, we'll be there for you and we hope Sony has something up their sleeves to surprise us all.

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