Sling TV Users Now Get Access To Cinemax For $10 A Month

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Sling TV is just one of the many options available to users who are looking for alternatives to “cut the cord” and still get access to the shows and movies they want without having to pay their cable company for a costly subscription every month. While Sling TV already offers a decent number of options for things to watch and stream, there is never anything wrong with having more, especially if you consider yourself a tv and movie buff. Today, Sling ahs announced that they are adding new content into their service to make it more enticing, and will now be offering users the ability to access Cinemax for $10 a month.

To be clear, this is an additional $10 a month on top of the regular base cost you pay monthly for a Sling TV subscription, similar to the way Hulu offers Showtime for the same $10 a month on top of the regular monthly Hulu subscription. With Cinemax, Sling TV users are getting access to tons more movies and box office titles, consisting of on-demand and live content through the Cinemax channel inside of the Sling tv app. Alongside a large selection of movies on offer, Cinemax also has a lineup of original TV series content to enjoy including The Knick, Strike Back, Banshee, and Hunted.


With Cinemax now joining content like HBO, Epix, Epix 2, CNN, Bloomberg, EPSN and ESPN 2, AMC, The Food Network, TNT, The Travel Channel and more, users have plenty to choose from and enjoy, making it even better that Sling TV added Chromecast support to their service and app as of last November. With all that content and Chromecast streaming available, watching your favorite shows and movies both live and on demand without cable has never been easier. In addition to Chromecast support towards the end of last year, Sling TV unveiled and demoed a new interface for the service at CES back in January which looks to make things simpler to navigate and easier to find what you’re wanting to watch. If you’re already a Sling subscriber, all you have to do is add on the Cinemax package and you’re good to go. If you don’t have Sling TV yet, you can grab the app from the Play Store and start service any time.