SlamdunQ Brings Golf Swing Monitor To Smartwatches


If you own any Android Wear smartwatch, whether you use it as a companion to your smartphone or on its own, you likely have it paired to a smartphone or tablet featuring software designed to bring out its full potential, such as Samsung's Gear Manager or Google's Android Wear app. A wealth of apps and features, from watch faces to fitness apps, are available via these sites and the Play Store. Naturally, given the wealth of sensors on the average smartwatch, sport tracking apps to help up your game would come along sooner or later. On that note, not too long ago, SlamdunQ added a Cricket swing helper to the list of available apps. On February 1, the company took to Twitter to announce that they've also released a golf swing tracking app, called SlamdunQ Golf.

Golf may look easy when the pros do it, but anybody who has laid hands on a club can tell you there are a huge number of factors at play in your swing that can make or break your bid for a hole in one. Things like compensating for wind speed and direction, the twist of your wrists and hips and even the angle of club to ball contact all have to be worked out precisely for a successful swing; it comes down to much more than just driving the ball home with the right amount of force. In order to help bring all those factors to the forefront to be monitored and fine-tuned, SlamdunQ's Golf app for Android Wear and the Tizen-powered Gear S2 can use the smartwatch's various sensors to check out just how good or bad your swing is and break it down for you, as well as give you tips on how to improve your swing.


The app breaks down your swing in much the same way a golf coach would and shows you the breakdown of factors that make your swing bad or good on a connected smartphone. Unfortunately, SlamdunQ Golf is not compatible with a lonely smartwatch and must be paired to a phone or tablet to use. Most Android Wear and Samsung smartwatches can get in on the fun, but the LG G Watch and LG Watch Urbane lineups are pointed to in the Play Store listing as prime candidates. The app is available right now, so whether you're a seasoned pro looking to take it to the next level, on the verge of giving up the game or thinking of setting foot on the green for the first time, hit up the source link and give this one a go.


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