Select HTC Devices Will Come With Keeper Password Manager

AH Keeper 2

Security is becoming an increasingly important issue for mobile products, due to their ability to store all sorts of personal data. While some might imagine a future where passwords are no longer needed to keep everything stored securely, passwords are used in apps to access our files or in websites to access most of our accounts. The problem is that some users don’t choose the most secure passwords or they use the same one for different accounts, so if certain hackers figure those out, they will be able to access additional accounts as well. Currently, there are password managers to help users create more secure passwords without needing to remember each of them, Keeper is a very popular option and now HTC has partnered with the creators of the app to improve security on their devices.

HTC chose Keeper Security after noticing the superior security offered in their apps, as well as the features integrated into them and their experience when working with other leading OEMs and mobile operators. Keeper will help users with select HTC devices to protect their passwords and other private information and users will get the chance to choose between the free or premium version of the app, which might benefit those who have already paid for the app and plan to buy a HTC device. The app features an easy to use interface and it can generate strong passwords and autofill login credentials from native apps and browsers. When users reach a login screen, they will get the chance to sign up for Keeper to set it up and manage their passwords and credentials. Users can activate their Keeper account by just clicking a button from the login screen.


“Smartphones are the unified devices for online access. Convenience, security and privacy are all major concerns for mobile users. With Keeper, HTC customers can access their apps, sites and private information quickly and at the same time, feel safe knowing their passwords, photos and private information are secure in their Keeper vault,” said Keeper Security CEO and Co-Founder, Darren Guccione. The list of HTC devices that will integrate Keeper remains a mystery for now, perhaps their next flagship will be among the first ones to get this app pre-installed.