Samsung's New Galaxy S7 Unboxing Video Is About Ice Sculpting

Galaxy S7 ice sculpting

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are on the way. Samsung will be unveiling the two devices come Sunday at their unpacked event and just ahead of the start of MWC 2016 in Barcelona. While these are two of the most talked about devices of right now with a bunch of rumors, leaked specs and leaked images all surfacing over the last few weeks, the past couple of days have revolved around Samsung’s own promotional push ahead of the unveil.

Samsung is a company who has become known to favor the medium of video to really make the most of the build up to a device unveil and often continues releasing more promotional videos long after a device has been unveiled. This year looks to be no different with the Galaxy S7 with Samsung beginning their latest promotional campaign dubbed “Seven Days of Unboxing” a couple of days ago. As can be seen from the rather self-explanatory campaign title, this promotion focuses on releasing a different unboxing video each day until the Galaxy S7 is formally revealed. The unboxing videos began back on the 15th with Samsung releasing a video showing a child taking a sneak peak at the Galaxy S7 and then drawing his interpretation of the device on paper. This was followed yesterday with Samsung taking the slightly weird approach of allowing a llama to take a look at the latest handset and then painting its interpretation of the device.


As day three of the seven days campaign is now here, so is the latest video and this time it is the turn of “The Ice Sculptor”. Following in the trend of the previous videos, an ice sculptor is allowed their thirty seconds to check out the latest handset and is then set to work sculpting their interpretation of the Galaxy S7 out of ice. While none of the videos have been too revealing in terms of the actual device and what to expect, it does look as though Samsung will be releasing videos which gradually show more of the device as today’s ‘finished product’ takes more form than either the child’s drawing or llama’s painting did. Those interested can check out the video by hitting play below.