Samsung Smart Switch Now Supports USB OTG On The Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7 Edge MWC AH 16

Samsung finally announced the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge, both phones feature very powerful specs and the company improved many aspects compared to their respective predecessors, so they will probably become very popular. Pre-orders for both devices will start soon and these handsets will be available starting March 11 in some markets, so the company surely wants to make things a little easier for those early adopters. That’s why they created an app called Smart Switch, which transfers all of their information from their current device to a new Galaxy phone. The app has already been updated to support Android Marshmallow (the software running on the Galaxy S7 phones) and now, they have updated the app once again with support for the connector adapter included in the box of the new phones.

This adapter uses USB OTG, which lets users plug in additional hardware into the microUSB port. This way, users just need to connect their old Galaxy phone into their brand new Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge using the regular charging cable and start transferring data from one device into the other. Before this update, users had the option to transfer their data using a Wi-Fi connection to communicate between both devices or transfer the data from the old phone to their computer and then transfer it to their new phone using the software. Another way to transfer data would be to back it up in a memory card and then insert it in their new phone, but obviously, both phones would need a memory card expansion slot. None of these methods is particularly complicated, but data transfer can be quite slow. By plugging the devices using the USB OTG adapter, the process is even simpler and faster than ever.


Some of the information that can be transferred include contacts, calendar items, messages and the call log. Users will be able to choose the information that they want to transfer to their new device and the app will show estimates for the amount of memory this data will take, as well as the remaining memory after the transfer and even how much time it will take to complete. While transferring information, Smart Switch shows the progress percentage, time left to complete and the data that is already transferred.