Samsung Pretty Much Confirms Water-Resistance On The Galaxy S7

Samsung Logo 2016 AH 8

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and its version with a curved screen called Galaxy S6 Edge were considered among the most powerful smartphones released last year. Samsung finally used premium materials in the construction of those phones and overall, they provided a very good experience. Most people liked the revamped design of the phones, but others were disappointed to find that some features that had been part of the entire Galaxy S series were gone on those phones, such as a removable battery or expandable memory. Water and dust resistance was introduced in the Galaxy S5 thanks to its IP67 certification, and some users missed this feature in the Galaxy S6 lineup.

The Galaxy S7 will be introduced on February 21, just before the MWC starts, and quite a few of the details on what to be expected has now come to light, thanks to the many leaked documents and pictures. Many rumors have suggested that the Galaxy S7 phones will be water-resistant and yesterday, a video from Samsung Indonesia seemed to support those rumors. Today, the official Twitter account of Samsung Mobile released a short video teasing that water-resistance will be featured on the Galaxy S7. The post reads “Change your idea of what a phone can handle on 2.21.16” followed by the hashtag #TheNextGalaxy. As for the video, it shows a scenario many will relate to with a girl dropping her phone into a pool.


Water-resistance is still not a common feature among smartphones, and it still unclear if the Galaxy S7 will be able to resist just a few splashes or if it could be fully submerged without getting damaged, although the video seems to suggest that the latter scenario won’t be a problem. The Galaxy S7 is turning out to be a very powerful device because Samsung is improving in many aspects compared to the current generation. The official announcement is happening quite soon, so soon enough all will be revealed, meanwhile, you can check out the teasers for the phone from Samsung’s latest campaign “Seven Days of Unboxing”.