Samsung Preparing Batman v Superman Galaxy S7 Edge?

February 15, 2016 - Written By Tom Dawson

Samsung is a firm that’s been releasing high-end flagship after high-end flagship in their Galaxy S line for years now, and while the phones themselves have always been great, they’ve also had a lot of help over the years. The South Korean giant learnt early on that marketing was the key to not only playing Apple at their own game, but also to dominate in their own right. The Galaxy S III was arguably a turning point for the line, and saw the first aggressive marketing from Samsung, taking the fight to Apple. Since then, the firm has turned to smart business partnerships with the likes of luxury brands Mont Blanc and last year, superheroes. Marvel’s Avengers were featured in a number of Samsung products, not least the limited edition Iron Man version of the Galaxy S6 Edge. Seemingly switching sides from Marvel to DC, a Batman v Superman edition is rumored this year, which could give us a Galaxy S7 Edge to tie in with the launch of the Dawn of Justice this Spring.

The news comes out of South Korea, where there’s word that Samsung could have partnered with DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. to launch the device some time around March or April. Avid fans will know that the film is launching all over the world towards the end of March, and with March 11th being touted as the European release date of the Galaxy S7 in Europe, this would make great timing for both parties involved. This wouldn’t be the first time that Samsung has been involved in feature film tie-ins where merchandise is concerned. They had a big deal with Marvel’s Avengers last year, and even a roll to play in last year’s Jurassic Park World film, which was one of 2015’s biggest.

Regardless, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge will be big releases for the mobile industry on the whole, and we should hopefully know a lot more this time next week, as Samsung is announcing the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge next Sunday, the 21st. We’ll be there and have all of the news for you as soon as we have it.