Samsung Launches '7 Days of Unboxing' ahead of Galaxy S7 Launch

Samsung Seven Days Of Unboxing

It’s no secret that Samsung is great at advertising their products. The Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge are among the most anticipated devices of the year and they will be officially announced on February 21 at Samsung’s Unpacked event, just a little before MWC 2016 begins. If you check your calendars, the day of the announcement is just 5 days from today, so the company has created a campaign to create even more hype for those two devices. The campaign is called “Seven Days of Unboxing” and it’s basically a countdown when they will release a video every day until the official unveiling of the new flagship phones. This was released in the Swedish site of Samsung, and those interested in “the next Galaxy” can sign up with their email to get the latest news.

So far, two videos have been released, and the site will show a total of 6 videos (the seventh being the unveiling of the Galaxy S7 at the aforementioned event) and there’s even a countdown at the top, in case you want to know the precise amount of time left before the official announcement takes place. The first video they released is titled “The Child”, we see a kid named Tyson entering into what looks like an empty warehouse illuminated by fluorescent lights. At the center of the room, there’s a large cube with blue lighting accents and a countdown timer set for 30 seconds, once he enters this cube, the timer starts and he got to unbox one of the Galaxy S7 devices. The kid exits the cube and starts representing “what he saw” drawing with some markers.


The second video is called “The Llama”, it is very similar to the first video, but this time, the one who gets to represent “what he saw” is a llama named Kuzco. The llama chose some oil paint and used his mouth to make an “abstract” portrayal of the Galaxy S7. These videos obviously don’t show either smartphone at any time, but it is an interesting campaign nonetheless. Perhaps, these artworks are clues to some of the features of the Galaxy S7 or maybe they are meant to show that the phones inspire a wide range of users (even from different species) to create something artistic.