Samsung Indonesia Teases Water-Resistant Galaxy S7

samsung galaxy s7 water resistant

As anyone would expect, the Samsung Galaxy S6 series introduced a good number of new features and upgrades over its predecessor, yet certain beneficial characteristics, such as water resistance, have been left out. While the Galaxy S5 boasted an IP67 certification for dust and water resistance, the Samsung Galaxy S6 did not, and prospective customers looking for a flagship that can withstand the forces of nature more easily were left with a single option: the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active which was released a couple of months after the non-Active variants. However, judging by new bits of evidence disclosed by Samsung Indonesia, the Korean tech giant may have treated “The Next Galaxy” with water resistance capabilities.

Samsung Indonesia’s new landing page dedicated for the upcoming Galaxy S7 & Galaxy S7 Edge went live recently and teases some of the characteristics we should expect from the aforementioned series. One of the teaser slides (which you can see above) labeled “Worry-Less Discovery” partially shows the contour of “The Next Galaxy”, along with a handful of air bubbles. Now, if this isn’t enough to suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S7 might be water resistant, then perhaps the 1-minute long video ad found on the same landing page will be. The video stars an Indonesian athlete rocking a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and is supposed to highlight some of the features expected from the sequel. In one particular frame around the 30-seconds mark, the athlete is shown utilizing the device in heavy rain, which is something we wouldn’t advise doing with a non-water resistant smartphone.


At the end of the day, even though we cannot be certain that the Galaxy S7 and /or Galaxy S7 Edge will be water resistant, the new promotional material suggests that it’s safe to at least assume that Samsung is planning the release of a Galaxy smartphone featuring ruggedized characteristics. However, since water-resistant components for the Samsung Galaxy S7 have already been spotted in the wild, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Galaxy S7 series will borrow some of the Galaxy S5’s DNA after all. The upcoming flagships are expected to be officially unveiled on February 21st at MWC in Barcelona, Spain.