Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Finally Leak Side by Side

Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Size

Samsung will finally unveil the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge in just two more days during the company’s Unpacked event. Without a doubt, these devices are among the most anticipated smartphones of the year. Following what seems to be a tradition with Samsung devices, these smartphones were the subject of many leaks, including some documents showing their respective specs and even some images showing the design of each of them. While the first rumors stated that there could be up to 4 variants of the Galaxy S7 with different screen sizes and some of them featuring a curved display, we have known for a while that just like in last year, only the two aforementioned models will most likely be released, the difference being that the screen of the Galaxy S7 Edge will be curved and larger than the one of the regular Galaxy S7.

We had already seen the size difference between these two devices in some leaked schematics, but now a new real life photo of both of the devices posing next to each other has been spotted. While there’s no way to verify if these are indeed Samsung’s new flagships, they certainly look like the ones we have been seeing in alleged pictures and leaked renders. The Galaxy S7 definitely looks a little larger than the Galaxy S7 in almost every dimension, because it is supposed to feature a 5.5-inch display, while the flat-screened version is rumored to sport a 5.1-inch screen, just like its predecessor. Still, previous leaks have shown that the back of both phones will feature a slight curvature to improve their ergonomics, so hopefully the larger model won’t feel as large.


Meanwhile, the company has been releasing a few teasers hinting at a few features that the phones are supposed to have. Water resistance is supposed to make a comeback as well as a memory card slot to expand the phone’s memory. A feature that is supposed to make its debut on the new phones is always-on display. There are still a couple of days left before all of these details can be confirmed, but Samsung’s events are always fun to watch and maybe a few more products will be introduced as well.