Rumor: MediaTek Battling Helio X20 SoC Overheating Issues

MediaTek Helio X20 2

There are a number of mobile processor manufacturers to keep an eye on this year, and MediaTek is certainly one of them. This Taiwan-based company has started off by releasing entry-level mobile chips, but has managed to grow quite a bit in the last couple of year. The company’s Helio X10 64-bit octa-core processor they released last year is still quite popular, and has been used in a ton of devices all over the world. Well, the company’s Helio X20 64-bit deca-core processor is right around the corner, and a new report doesn’t look all that promising, read on.

According to a report from China, MediaTek is battling overheating issues when it comes to the Helio X20. The report says that the company had Wi-Fi issues initially, which are now solved, but that new overheating issues popped up. Now, these are certainly not good news, presuming they’re accurate, especially considering this SoC is expected to arrive in the first quarter this year. MediaTek’s roadmap surfaced yesterday, and basically confirmed that the chip will roll out before the end of March. Now, this overheating rumor is not yet confirmed by any stretch of the imagination, so take it with a grain of salt, as it usually goes with rumors.


Now, MediaTek has high hopes for the Helio X20, as it plans to mess up Qualcomm’s and Samsung’s plans. Qualcomm has already announced the Snapdragon 820 SoC, and a first Snapdragon 820-powered smartphone has also been unveiled, the Le Max Pro. Qualcomm has, reportedly, solved all overheating issues Snapdragon 810 was plagued with, and the Snapdragon 820 certainly looks promising, Samsung, on the other hand, will release the Exynos 8890 flagship, which is a direct successor to the Exynos 7420, which was one of the best (if not the best) SoC last year. According to leaked benchmarks, and based on the info MediaTek provided about this SoC, Helio X20 is still inferior to the two aforementioned processors, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a great chip, we just hope that MediaTek will solve all problems before they decide to release it. Either way, stay tuned, we’ll keep you in the loop.