Rumor: HTC To Show Off Flagship April 11th Under New Name

HTC One M10 Based On Current Information

Much of the mobile world is laser focused on the upcoming event in Barcelona known as Mobile World Congress, and with good reason as this is when many brands will be presenting some of their biggest devices for the year, namely Samsung and LG who will be showing off their flagship devices officially for the first time to the public this year. Another top-name brand, HTC, was thought to be unveiling their upcoming flagship device at MWC as well. The HTC One M10 as it’s currently being referred to has already seen a few leaks in regards to specs and various other details, but there has still been no official confirmation from HTC on anything.

Today a rumor has surfaced which suggests that HTC will in fact not be showing off their 2016 flagship smartphone at Mobile World Congress, but instead will be opting to show off at an event on April 11th. What’s more, is that the phone will apparently not be termed the HTC One M10, and will instead go under a different name, albeit while keeping the “one” part of the label. Whether or not this is true, or the fact that the name not being the One M10 refers to HTC’s choice for the internal code name for the phone or the name that it will have when presented on store shelves to customers is unknown, but it wouldn’t be too surprising if HTC decided to shake things up and give their next flagship a fresh start in breaking away from the last three HTC One devices.


Aside from the date of the event that HTC will supposedly present this new flagship smartphone, the unveiling is said to be taking place in London, but unfortunately, that’s all the detail that the rumor divulges. Keep in mind that this is just a rumor at this point, and there hasn’t been much if anything to suggest that HTC has reason to call their next flagship anything other than what the last few have gone by. Having said that, that doesn’t mean HTC can’t still give this year’s flagship a totally new name. Whatever the case, the name of the product will likely be the least important thing to consumers who may still be looking to HTC for a great phone. What’s more likely to hold weight is the specifications, hardware, and design of the device as well as cost.