Rumor: Galaxy S7 to Feature Extended Screen Warranty?

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If there’s one thing that’s true of all smartphones, regardless of brand or manufacturer, it’s that their displays are fragile beings. Sure, Gorilla Glass keeps on getting better and better, or so Corning claims, but our smartphones rarely survive a drop from waist-height, let alone something more drastic. Last year saw improvements in this field, with Motorola’s Droid Turbo 2 offering a fairly invincible display thanks to their ShatterShield technology and HTC would offer free replacements via that UH OH program. Now, it would appear that Samsung could be ready to include an extended warranty program with the upcoming Galaxy S7.

We’ve been hearing lots and lots about the Galaxy S7 this week already, including tweaks to the design Samsung introduced with the Galaxy S6 and now, infamous leakster Eldar Murtazin is throwing his hat into the ring. According to Murtazin, reports of a sturdier Galaxy S this time around are indeed true, and that the device will be water-resistance to some sort of degree. Perhaps more importantly for the average user however, is the word that the Galaxy S7 could launch with an extended warranty program related directly to the smartphone’s display. Apparently, Samsung will be so sure of the sturdier construction in their latest Galaxy S flagship that they will honor a free or low-cost screen replacement to those that have purchased it directly from Samsung, or through approved retailers. There is a caveat here however, that only certain markets will be eligible for such a program. Similar to the UH OH program from HTC only being available in the US.


The Galaxy S7 is certainly shaping up to be an intriguing release from Samsung and we’ll be there during the launch of the new device on February 21st. This new piece of information would certainly help to persuade users to upgrade sooner, if they knew that Samsung would be offering them a little extra value for the lifetime of the device or length of their contract. More info should surely emerge closer to the February 21st launch date, but already it appears Samsung is getting ready for a very big device launch.