Rosegal App Lets You Browse & Buy Latest Fashion Items

February 9, 2016 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Shopping applications are a dime a dozen in the Google Play Store these days. No matter what you’re looking to buy, you’ll probably find an appropriate application for it. Aside from Amazon, eBay and every other popular online shopping destination which offers various good, you’ll also find tons of specialized apps which focus on providing merchandise aimed at a specific group of people, like fashion apps, for example.

Speaking of which, we’ve come across an app which belongs in the ‘fashion’ category, and its name is ‘Rosegal’. Now, much like ‘DressLily‘ app we’ve talked about quite recently, this app also lists various clothing items for you to choose from, and claims to have the latest ‘fashion’ available. Fashion is quite a subjective term though, at least in my opinion, but this app is primarily aimed at the female population. Either way, you’ll find tons of shirts, dresses, shoes, and various other fashion accessories available on Rosegal. The company says that hundreds of new items become available every week, which should give you more than enough options when browsing through the app’s content. The design of the app is quite nice, everything is where it’s supposed to be, and you’ll hardly have any complaints about it. The app also performs quite well, so there’s that.

“Our easy-to-use, fun-to-peruse app gives you a pocket-sized shopping experience. Get instant access to one of the world’s biggest selections of classic chic, vintage glam and modern indie dresses, shoes, handbags, accessories & much more for less,” says the company. Now, keep in mind that the app has a decent rating in the Play Store, but it seems some users are having shipping issues and what not. We have to say that we’ve briefly tested this app, as this is not a review, we haven’t purchased anything from it, so keep that in mind. In case you’re interested, you can find a number of official images in the gallery down below, and if you want to try the app for yourself, click on the Google Play banner down below, as usual.